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FunGLASS mid-term meeting in Trenčín, Slovakia

On 25th January, 2016 FunGLASS partners organised the mid-term meeting in Trenčín, Slovakia. The meeting was led by Prof. Dušan Galusek, the main coordinator of the project.

Prof. A. Durán (CSIC, Spain), prof. A. Boccaccini (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany), Prof. L. Wondraczek (FSU Jena, Germany), Prof. E. Bernardo (University of Padova, Italy) discussed (personally and via videoconference) the progress in the frame of the main project milestones, including benchmarking of peer centres, creation of technology roadmap comprising the identification of research topics of the forthcoming FunGLASS centre, its financial analysis and businees plan preparation.

Upgrading of the existing Centre of Excellence for glass, ceramics and silicate materials in Trenčín into an internationally recognised institution of research and innovation is supported by national and foreign industrial companies and glass associations. The letters of support from the Union of Slovak Glass Industry, Slovak Glass Society, Czech Glass Society and major glass producers in the Slovak Republic were obtained where they express interest in cooperation with the future FunGLASS center.

One of them is also the Glass Technology Services Ltd. from United Kingdom, which was presented directly at the meeting by its representative, Mr. Robert Ireson who discussed with the project team members on the possibilities of cooperation in the areas of interest of the future centre and possibilities of joint applications in the frame of the H2020 programme.

The team leaders discussed also the workplan for the months to come, especially the preparation of the Teaming stage 2 project, which will be open to successful applicants of the WIDESPREAD-1-2014: Teaming call, as well as a project for infrastructure upgrade and development with funding provided by the Slovak Governement within the operational programme Research and Innovation co-funded from ERDF, where the call is expected to be open in February 2016. 

            Video conference discussion.                               Mr. Robert Ireson presents Glass Technology Services Ltd.