Funglass Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses
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Project Milestones


MS n. Title Means of verification
MS1 Appointment of the SB Appointment of the members of the Scientific Board of the Centre, as the main
management body of the Centre
MS2 Appointment of the IAB Appointment of the members of the International advisory board of the Centre, letters of acceptance from the
appointed IAB members received
MS3 Appointment of the IB The members of the Industrial Board of the Centre will be selected, appointed, and letters of acceptance from the appointed IB members received
MS4 Appointment of the Centre director The director of the Centre will be appointed by the Scientific board of the Centre
MS5 Centre formally
Formal documents confirming establishment of the Centre in the organisation structure of the TnUAD are prepared and approved by the Scientific
board and the Senate of the TnUAD
MS6 Appointment of
research department
The heads of new departments will be recruited, approved by the Scientific
board of the Centre, and contracts will be signed with the new department heads
MS7 Appointment of
research staff
All planned members of the research staff and technicians will be recruited and the contracts will be signed
MS8 Appointment of the CAU head Head of the Central administration unit will be recruited and contract signed with the new CAU head
MS9 Appointment of CAU personnel Administration staff of the CAU will be recruited and contracts signed with the
CAU personnel
MS10 Map of research
Updated map of research infrastructure prepared


MS n. Title Means of verification
MS1 Benchmarking Identification of the position of the existing Centre in comparison to technology and innovation leaders in the field, defined short and long term objectives, and the means of achieving them.
MS2 Technology roadmap A technology roadmap of the new Centre completed comprising identification of research topics pursued by the new Centre, taking into account the personal capacity, research infrastructure and knowhow of available in the coordinator and partner institutions, and creation of a plan for achievement of the short-term (5 years) and long-term (10 – 15 years) goals with specific technology solutions.
MS3 Swot feedback   Recommendations and measures based on the SWOT analysis of the Centre.
MS4 Financial analysis Financial analysis of the Centre for functional and surface functionalized glasses completed.
MS5 Business plan Business plan of the Centre completed.
MS6 Project website Project website completed.
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