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Prof. Lothar Wondraczek holds the Chair of Glass Chemistry at the Otto Schott Institute of the University of Jena since 2012. From 2008-2012, he was a professor of Materials Science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. His work is focusing on the exploration of novel glasses and glass ceramics for optical and energy-related applications. He holds a doctorate in engineering (Dr.-Ing., with honours) from Clausthal University of Technology (2003), and was a Senior Research Scientist at Corning's European Technology Center (Avon, France) from 2005-2008. L. Wondraczek is founding chair of the technical committee TC08: Relaxation Phenomena in Glasses of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) and the committee "Glasses and Optical Materials" of the German Society of Materials Research (DGM). He is also member of the council of the German Society of Glass Science and Technolgy (DGG) and member of the glass and optical materials division of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS). He has a track record of more than 120 publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, nine international patents and patent applications and two edited books. Among other activities, he has been primary organizer of the international symposia series on Glass & Entropy since 2007, and is serving as regional editor and guest editor, respectively, to the European Journal of Glass Science and Technology and the Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. He is coordinating the priority program SPP 1594 "Topological Engineering of Ultrastrong Glasses" of the German Science Foundation (DFG), which is bringing together scientists on national and international levels to approach the problem of glass toughness, thereby linking the areas of "classical oxide glasses" and metallic glasses. He has been a founding member in the scientific board of the Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN), where he established the research group "Structural Materials for Solar Energy Conversion - MatSol" . His work has been recognized with the Adolf-Dietzel Industrial Award of the German Society of Glass Science and Technology (2007), the Vittorio Gottardi Prize (2013) and Woldemar A. Weyl International Glass Science Award (2013). Over the past five years, his work has attracted more than 8 Mio. € of funding from public and private third party sources.

Dr. Lenka Müller

Dr. Sindy Fuhrmann received her Diploma in Mineralogy from Technical University – Bergakademie Freiberg in 2009, specializing in Applied Mineralogy. Her diploma thesis was on high-pressure studies of diffusion processes in the system Si-Al-O-N. She has subsequently obtained a Ph.D from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, focusing on methods for analyzing glass structure and crystallization. She has a track record of about 10 international peer-reviewed scientific journals, for numerous of which she is also serving as regular reviewer.

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